“It takes a long time to become young.” – Pablo Picasso

Providing enjoyable health promoting programmes for our senior community has always been a major activity of the GRDP. We offer chair-based Kundalini Yoga classes and even a specialist training how to teach these classes.


A variety of muscular-skeletal and cardio-vascular exercises with different breathing techniques, meditations and communal singing support and optimise a healthy body and mind at any age, but work particularly well for older adults.

  • Some of our exercises have been the subject of extensive scientific research and have proven to be able to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and geriatric depression and to ease or reverse depression, anxiety, memory loss, cognitive impairment, etc.

    We offer many chair-based yoga classes, a chair based yoga youtube channel, a chair-based specialist teacher training, and a specific programme customised for people with dementia.

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