The Community Yoga Programme is a new bespoke client led programme for 16-23 year olds using yoga, meditation, healthy lifestyle and conscious communication as a basis for enhancing confidence and self-esteem, mental and physical wellbeing, and life skills and employability.


It is an ideal support for young people seeking to establish a healthier and more positive outlook, identity and future than that offered by gangs, drugs and knife crime. 


Participants will be given a certificate of achievement at the end of the course. This certificate can be used to demonstrate knowledge of Yoga (and so help meet the entrance criteria) should a participant wish to train to be a Yoga Instructor with an external training provider.


Should there be sufficient interest for more training, GRDP can add further bespoke courses up to, and including, a 200 hours Teacher Training Course (a fully recognized Yoga Instructor Qualification). 


Although the Community Yoga Programme has been designed for young people, it has a universal principle underpinning it – all people do better when they feel better within themselves and Yoga and meditation help achieve this. This universality means that the training can be adapted to meet the needs of almost any client group (e.g. staff, women, older adults, mental health service users, refugees…). It may be possible to deliver it online if face to face sessions are not possible.


We would love to hear from any interested groups. Unlike many of our services, this programme cannot be offered free of charge because of the number of staffing hours required (2 trainers present at all times and committed long term to the project). However, where insufficient funds are available, we may be able to jointly fundraise to cover costs.


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