Gobind Seetal


Gobind Seetal Kaur Harsha Moore brings business and legal expertise to GRDP.

Gobind Seetal (aka Harsha Moore) trained with Karam Kriya and Ik Saran Dhian teacher training schools, having started Level 1 in 2004 and completing her final Level 2 module in 2018, after a pause to have her two boys.

Gobind is a qualified solicitor and her journey to teaching started at work. Her colleagues had noticed a change in Gobind after each yoga class and asked her to teach them after work.

She currently teaches online with students in the UK, America and India. Helping people with their wellbeing and mental health, as well as addressng loneliness has been a driving force to extend her teaching, especially in current times. Being a life-long student of the teachings, she continues to focus time and energy on learning, including from her teachers, her students and her own children. Gobind has been involved with the GRDP for some years holding One for the Heart sessions in Watford.